How to add Packman repository on openSUSE

Question: I would like to install a package on openSUSE, and the package is available in Packman repository only. How can I add Packman repository on openSUSE?

Packman repository is the largest external repository of openSUSE, which contains various multimedia related packages and their libraries. If you want to install video/audio related software which is not available in openSUSE official repositories, chances are that you can find them in the Packman repository.

You can add Packman repository on openSUSE by using YaST, an installation and configuration tool for openSUSE. Here is how you can do it.

First, launch YaST by going to "System Settings" -> "YaST". You can also launch it by entering "yast" on desktop search bar.

You will see a window titled "Administrator Settings", which is a YaST window. Click on "Software Repositories" icon.

In the next window, you will see a list of configured software repositories. Click on "Add" button at the bottom.

Choose "Community Repositories" as repository type.

Check "Packman Repository" from the list of available repositories, and click on "OK".

If you are asked to import GnuPG key for Packman repository, simply click on "Trust" button to import the key.

After installation is completed, you should find Packman repository in the configured repository list.

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