How to change extension of multiple files at once on Linux

Question: On my Linux computer, I have many picture files whose extension I want to change from *.JPEG to *.jpg. In general, how can I change the extension of multiple files at once?

Most Linux distros come with a command line utility called rename pre-installed, which, as the name implies, can rename multiple files at once. This tool is actually a Perl script, and takes as an argument a regular-expression based renaming rule, which changes all file names that are matched with the rule. The usage of rename is as follows.

rename [-vnf] <regular_expression> <files>

With "-n" option, rename will show what files would be renamed, without actually changing file names. This option is useful when you want to test a renaming rule beforehand.

To change the extension of all files from .JPEG to .jpg:

$ rename 's/\.JPEG$/\.jpg/' *

To convert all uppercase letters including extensions to lowercase counterparts:

$ rename 'y/A-Z/a-z/' *

To strip the extension of all files matching "*.bak":

$ rename 's/\.bak$//' *

Check the other tutorial for more use cases of rename command.

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