How to fix “hda-duplex not supported in this QEMU binary”

Question: When I try to install Linux on a new VM in virt-manager, the VM fails to boot with the following error: "unsupported configuration: hda-duplex not supported in this QEMU binary." How can I fix this error?

The cause for this VM error may originate from a qemu bug where a configured default sound card model is not recognized.

Unable to complete install: 'unsupported configuration: hda-duplex not supported in this QEMU library'

To solve this problem, do the following.

Solution One: Virt-Manager

On virt-manager, open the VM's virtual hardware details menu, go to sound device section, and change the device model from default to ac97.

Click on "Apply" button to save the change. See if you can start the VM now.

Solution Two: Virsh

If you are using virsh, not virt-manager, you can edit the VM's XML file accordingly. Look for sound section inside <device> section, and change the sound model to ac97 as follows.

    . . .
    <sound model='ac97'>
      <address type='pci' domain='0x0000' bus='0x00' slot='0x04' function='0x0'/>
    . . .
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5 thoughts on “How to fix “hda-duplex not supported in this QEMU binary”

    • I do not understand your question. The above post describes a situation where you created a VM, but fail to start it. Why do you fail to create a VM?

    • If the error is during creation, go back to the 'Create a new virtual machine' dialog page and select the
      'Customize configuration before install'. That will bring up hardware screen where you can select the proper sound card/whatever that is needed.

  1. I have faced this problem. And observed that the issue is resolved once the libvirt-bin is restarted.

    sudo stop libvirt-bin
    sudo start libvirt-bin

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